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Recruitment Solutions

We are deeply committed to the recruitment process, ensuring our involvement from the initial identification of staffing needs all the way through to the fulfillment of those needs. We believe in a comprehensive approach that encompasses the entire employee lifecycle. Our journey starts with a thorough assessment of our clients’ requirements, followed by the strategic attraction of top talent.

We pride ourselves on our proactive sourcing methods, leveraging both traditional and innovative channels to identify the best candidates. Once potential candidates are identified, we employ a rigorous interviewing and selection process to ensure alignment with our clients’ values and goals.

Staffing Solutions

We strongly believe that outsourcing remote developers is a valuable alternative for companies aiming to efficiently deliver their services, without expending unnecessary time and resources.

Our primary goal is to assume comprehensive IT resource management, streamlining operations for our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities. Furthermore, this approach not only helps them save significant time and costs but also provides the flexibility required to rapidly scale up in response to new needs and projects. This enables them to tackle challenges with agility and effectiveness in an ever-evolving business landscape

How we work

  1. We initiate communication with our clients to thoroughly comprehend the project and delineate specific requirements pertaining to the desired candidate’s role and technological expertise. 
  1. We diligently search our recruitment channels to identify the most compatible candidates, presenting our clients with profiles that align seamlessly with their requests. 
  1. Throughout the recruitment process, we collaborate closely with our clients, extending unwavering support for activities such as interviews, technical assessments, and more. 
  1. Once the ideal talent is selected, they are seamlessly onboarded and made ready to start their assignments. 
  1. We uphold consistent communication with our resources and conduct ongoing performance monitoring of employees engaged in projects with our clients.
How we work

Recruitment sources

With over a decade of industry experience, an extensive network of connections, and a consistently robust talent pipeline, complemented by our highly specialized and motivated team of recruiters, we ensure a steady supply of high-level IT resources.

Our Technologies

Java – Javascript – Node.Js – React – React Native – Angular – Python – PHP – Ruby – AWS – Azure – Google Cloud Platform – MongoDB – PostgreSQL – MySQL – Docker – Kubernetes – ETL – Salesforce.


About us

About us

We are a boutique staffing solutions provider committed to assisting organizations through our recruitment and staff augmentation services.

Our offerings are characterized by agility and dynamism, making us the ideal partner for enterprises seeking to enhance their IT teams. Our adaptability extends across diverse business landscapes, catering to the unique requirements of startups and large corporations alike.

We possess the resources and expertise to seamlessly integrate into various work environments, ensuring a tailored approach to every client’s specific needs



Job Opportunities

DevOps SR

– Experience maintaining automated CI/CD systems

– Hands-on in scripting languages, Python and RDBMS

– Experience deploying full-stack Javascript applications

– Experience with Terraform with AWS and/or GCP a plus

– 100% remote position.

– Upper-Intermediate/Advanced English.

– Pay in USD -Long term – Fulltime

– USA Project


Data Engineer SR

– Expertise in SQL, ETL, Snowflake, S3, Python.
– Data platforms and services (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP).
– Fluent English – USA project
-100% Remote
– USD Salary

Sys Admin Linux / Devops SR

– Strong expertise in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
– Experience with Git, BitBucket, Ansible.
– 100% remote position.
– Advanced English.
– Pay in USD.
– USA Project.

Sr. Software Engineer (Vue.JS-Node.JS)

– Knowledge in both frontend (Vue.JS) and backend (Node.JS).
– Typescript.
– RabbitMQ, Kubernetes and PostgreSQL.
– 100% remote position.
– Advanced English.
– Software Factory with several projects for USA clients.



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+1 (510) 255-3078 // +54 (358) 436-9331